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Winner of the 2024 Positive Change Podcast Awards for Best Host and Best Book Podcast. Online for Authors is the only podcast with a host that personally reads and reviews indie-written fiction and inspirational/memoirs for avid readers who want to add books for their TBR beyond what they can find on the NYT best sellers list. As an award-winning host, Teri M Brown’s goal for Online for Authors is to introduce avid readers to characters they’d like to invite to lunch. If you read more than 40 books per year and want to veer away from the NYT Best Seller’s List or want to expand beyond your preferred genre, Online for Authors can help you discover novels written by Indie-Authors to add to your to-be-read list. Teri M Brown is an author of character-driven fiction and lives for the moments her characters speak their stories to her. Recognizing that other authors also have interesting lives and reasons for writing, Teri uses Online for Authors as a space for these authors to shine. Avid readers listening to Online for Authors will have the opportunity to discover new authors, amazing characters, and “can’t stop reading” stories. Online for Authors releases a new episode featuring a guest interview each Tuesday morning at 6am ET. Tune in to be introduced to new and upcoming authors in a wide variety of fiction genres - from historical to fantasy to mystery to thriller to romance – as well as inspirational memoirs. If you are looking for the next book on your “to be read” pile, then this is the podcast for you. Listen as authors discuss their latest work (no spoilers!), the impetus behind the storyline, how/where/why they write, what’s coming up next, and more! These conversations are in-depth because, unlike many hosts, Teri takes the time to read and review each novel before interviewing her guests. She believes that by doing so, she can guarantee a good fit for her audience as well as an interesting and inquisitive interview. Additionally, the first Saturday of each month, Teri releases what she affectionately calls OFAU – Online for Authors University. These once-monthly episodes feature writing tips for authors in all stages of their careers and speaks directly to her desire to mentor others. Whether someone wants to know about editing, marketing, book awards, being a guest on a podcast, or how notebooking can help you overcome writer’s block, writers and aspiring writers will find useful tips to move their writing to the next level. Finally, Teri gathers experts for LIVE streams around topics of interest, such as why authors choose to use pen names, a behind the scenes look at audiobook creation, and more. These LIVE streams happen each 5th Tuesday at 7pm ET, in addition to various dates around specific bookish events.

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4 days ago

My guest today on the Online for Authors podcast is Vivien Sieber, author of the book Kino and Kinder: A Family’s Journey in the Shadow of the Holocaust.  Dr Vivien Sieber is a biologist. After ten years of biomedical research, she began lecturing in Genetics before her interests moved into academic development, learning technology and information literacy. She worked at several UK universities and has published around 100 academic papers. She lives in Oxford UK and wrote Kino and Kinder since retirement and is learning to make pottery.
In my book review, I stated Kino and Kinder is the story of Paula Ticho and her family, and it focuses on life around WWI until Paula's death decades after WWII. Paula, a co-owner with her sister of a theater in Vienna, enjoyed great success until the Nazi takeover. We see her get her son to safety and beg her family to leave, before eventually fleeing to England. Penniless, Paula works as a matron to a hostel for Jewish girls who have fled the Nazis. What was supposed to be a temporary shelter for girls, turned into an orphanage spanning several years.
Sieber uses letters from these girls, extensive research, and her grandmother's memories to create a story that helps others understand the atrocities of the Holocaust - and how this period of time negatively impacted Jewish people even if they were fortunate enough to escape a work or death camp.
​This family memoir is a must-read.
You can follow Author Viven Sieber:
FB: @Vivien Sieber
IG: @siebervivien
X: @VivienSieber
LinkedIn: @Vivien Sieber
Teri M Brown, Author and Podcast Host:
FB: @TeriMBrownAuthor
IG: @terimbrown_author
X: @terimbrown1
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5 days ago

My guest today on the Online for Authors podcast is Sheila Athens, author of the book Neena Lee is Seeing Things. Sheila writes smart contemporary women’s fiction set where the South meets the Sunshine state. Her stories are about women seeking to find the peace we all deserve. Readers are drawn to her work because they believe that everyday heroes can make a difference in our world. She loves quiet spaces, eccentric people and the little band of writer hikers who walk at sunrise on a regular basis.
After growing up in the Ozarks, she moved to Florida—sight unseen—with the man who would become her husband. She’s a boy mom, a former vice president of human resources, and an avid audiobook listener. To sign up for her newsletter or to schedule a book club visit (either in-person or virtual), go to
In my book review, I stated Neena Lee is Seeing Things is a contemporary southern fiction looking back at the marriage of John F Kennedy to Carolyn in 1996 and their death in a plane crash in 1999 through the eyes of a journalist, Neena Lee.Neena has suffered loss and holds herself responsible. Her latest lost left her hospitalized in a mental health facility and without a job. She needs to write this article about John Jr to prove her abilities and save herself financially. However, when she 'sees' John Jr standing in the church, she is sure that her mental illness has taken a turn for the worse.​I enjoyed how Sheila connects those visiting the island today with issues Neena and/or John himself need to face. I thoroughly enjoyed this read.
You can follow Author Sheila Athens:
FB: @sheilaathensauthor
IG: @sheilaathensauthor
Teri M Brown, Author and Podcast Host:
FB: @TeriMBrownAuthor
IG: @terimbrown_author
X: @terimbrown1
#sheilaathensauthor #neenaleeisseeingthings #southernfiction #contemporaryfiction #terimbrownauthor #authorpodcast #onlineforauthors #characterdriven #researchjunkie #awardwinningauthor #podcasthost #podcast #readerpodcast #bookpodcast #writerpodcast #author #books #goodreads #bookclub #fiction #writer #bookreview

Thursday Jun 13, 2024

My guest today on the Online for Authors podcast is Babette Rosen Hughes, author of the book Lessons in Evil. Born in Cleveland Ohio, Babette grew up in the time of Prohibition and bootleggers. Her father was one of the first rum runners in the country and was murdered by the Mafia in a turf war at the age of 29. Babette was just two at the time.
Writing has allowed her to draw from her unusual life experiences to create her characters and tell their stories (and sometimes cautionary tales) in vivid detail. Though she had always been an excellent writer throughout her life, and had even published a memoir, Lost and Found, Babette’s first novel, The Hat, wasn’t written and published until she was in her late eighties. She followed that with the other two books in the Kate Brady trilogy, The Red Scarf, and The Necklace. Other books followed: Searching for Vivian, 97 Speaks, and The Secret of Happiness.
Now 101, she still writes every day with a fluidity and grace of a woman half her age. “The truth is liberating, but sometimes elusive.” She explains. “I’m always looking for it and how to best write about it, and I probably always will.”
In my book review, I stated that Babette hit her latest creation out of the park.
Annie Burg is an author who has been asked to write the unofficial biography of a very famous writer, Helga Hoffman. Annie doesn't want the assignment because of Helga's dismissive personality. Nonetheless, she takes it in hopes of restarting her career. But that is when everything turns sideways, and Annie finds herself in the middle of a Nazi-hunting investigation!
I love Annie because I see her hang ups and all that is holding her back in life. I understand what drives her forward at the beginning of the story, but more importantly, what drives her at the end. The transformation is stunning. Add to that an antagonist you love to hate, and this novella has everything you need for a quick, satisfying read. Highly recommend!
You can follow Author Babette Rosen Hughes:
Teri M Brown, Author and Podcast Host: https://www.terimbrown.comFB: @TeriMBrownAuthor
IG: @terimbrown_author
X: @terimbrown1
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Tuesday Jun 11, 2024

My guest today on the Online for Authors podcast is Janet Roberts, author of the book What Lies We Keep.  Janet Roberts is a global leader in cybersecurity education and awareness with over a decade of experience. She holds a BA in Journalism from Temple University, and MA in Communications from Edinboro University of Pennsylvania. She is a member of both the Women’s Fiction Writers Association (WFWA) and Pennwriters.
Her first two novels won 1st Place in Fiction from Pittsburgh’s The Authors’ Zone. Her poetry has been published in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and in San Fedele Press’ Art in the Time of COVID-19. She lives in Pittsburgh’s East End where Frick Park is her favorite place for a hike. She never met a library, bookstore, or ice cream shop she didn’t like.
In my book review, I stated What Lies We Keep seamlessly weaves cybersecurity with the lies we tell one another. Ted and Charlotte are on the road to "living the dream." Ted has a good job, they have a daughter, and are saving to buy their first home. But something is amiss.
Ted is hiding something and Charlotte, though she isn't sure what, is dragging him to marital counseling in hopes of saving their marriage. But the lies go beyond Ted, with two good friends, a brother-in-law, and even her mother keeping things from her - things that shape her world.
​This is not merely a story of Ted's redemption, but of Charlotte's journey to find the truth - about her husband, about her marriage, about her friends - and mostly about herself. Great read!
You can follow Author Janet Roberts:
Website: www.booksbyjanetroberts.comIG: @janetroberts77
Threads: @janetroberts77
FB:  @janet.roberts.1426
TikTok:  @wpawriter12
Teri M Brown, Author and Podcast Host: https://www.terimbrown.comFB: @TeriMBrownAuthor
IG: @terimbrown_author
X: @terimbrown1
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Tuesday Jun 04, 2024

My guest today on the Online for Authors podcast is Edward Trayer, organizer of The Wishing Shelf Book Awards, and author of 18 children, YA, and adult books under the pen names of Billy Bob Buttons and Hickory Crowl. Today, Edward and I are chatting about book awards – what they are, what makes a good award, why you want to enter, and what to do if you win.
Edward is a young talented author. On top of being a secondary school English teacher, he is also a pilot.
Born in the Viking city of York, he and his wife, Therese, a true Swedish girl from the IKEA county of Småland, now live in Stockholm and London. Their twin girls, Rebecca and Beatrix, and little boy, Albert, inspire him every day to pick up a pen and work on his books.
When not writing, he enjoys tennis and playing 'MONSTER!' with his three children.
He is the author of the much loved, The Gullfoss Legends, Rubery Award finalist, Felicity Brady and the Wizard's Bookshop, UK People Book Prize runner-up, TOR Assassin Hunter and TOR Wolf Rising.
I Think I Murdered Miss' is his ninth children's novel and recently won The UK People's Book Prize.
You can follow Edward, aka Billy Bob Buttons:
Website: and
Teri M Brown, Author and Podcast Host:
FB: @TeriMBrownAuthor
IG: @terimbrown_author
X: @terimbrown1
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Tuesday May 28, 2024

My guest today on the Online for Authors podcast is Meredith Ritchie, author of the book Poster Girls.  Her historical fiction novel takes place in North Carolina during WWII, and is based on the true but forgotten events that happened in her hometown. When her triplets left for college, she wrote Poster Girls as a cure for acute empty nest syndrome. She now lives in Charlotte with her husband, two cats, four chickens and grown adults that occasionally return to her cozy coop.
Poster Girls was named 2022 "Best of the Nest" for fiction by QC Nerve magazine and was recently named as part of the 2024 North Carolina Reads program sponsored by NC Humanities, a division of the Library of Congress. A lifelong learner, Meredith believes history told in the form of stories can never be forgotten, especially history that happened in our own backyard.
In my book review, I stated that Meredith tells a delightful story about a group of "Rosie the Riveters" working in a bullet factory in Charlotte, NC during WWII. The story comes from two points of view - Maggie and Cora. Both women are married to soldiers, have moved to Charlotte from other areas, and love books - enough to start a friendship. However, others aren't quite as keen to see this relationship, since Maggie is a white woman of privilege and Cora is a poor, black woman.
These two women are strong and fight for themselves and for one another. I enjoy how Meredith shows how, despite her good intentions, Maggie often 'gets it wrong.' I also love how she shows that Cora, who interprets life through a lens of racism, also gets it wrong. Most importantly, I love how the two characters persevere despite it all.
​If you love a good historical fiction, especially one that makes you think about issues we face today, then, this is the book for you.
You can follow Author Meredith Ritchie
IG: @postergirlsbook
Teri M Brown, Author and Podcast Host: https://www.terimbrown.comFB: @TeriMBrownAuthor
IG: @terimbrown_author
X: @terimbrown1
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Thursday May 23, 2024

My guest today on the Online for Authors podcast is Mark Jamilkowski, author of the book The Road to Moresco.  Mark is a first-time author, a co-founder of a healthcare start-up, a husband and father.  He enjoys music, reading and researching, games of strategy, photography, cooking, and writing. Mark authored "The Road to Moresco", a historical fiction novel released in August 2023, to tell the incredible story of a mother and her daughter beginning in early 1900's Italy. The story of these persistent and resilient women is complex, intimate, and inspiring.
In my book review, I stated The Road to Moresco is a story about Maria-Luisa Moresco and then her daughter Claire. As a woman in the early 1900s, Maria-Luisa was ahead of her times and wanted more than the traditional life of motherhood. Unfortunately, her life was not easy, and the reader follows her as she pushes her way forward despite such things as earthquakes, war, and murder. Her daughter lived with these consequences and suffered her own difficult journey.
The story and characters were really good. The historical research that went into the novel is also phenomenal. However, Mark had a difficult time intertwining the story with the history. I often felt like I was reading a great novel interrupted by a strong history lesson – which is something we discuss. Nonetheless, the story is a wonderful portrayal of strong women in a time when women were meant to be something else.
You can follow Author Mark Jamilkowski:
X: @roadtomoresco
Goodreads: @ Mark_Jamilkowski
Teri M Brown, Author and Podcast Host: https://www.terimbrown.comFB: @TeriMBrownAuthor
IG: @terimbrown_author
X: @terimbrown1
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Tuesday May 21, 2024

My guest today on the Online for Authors podcast is Jennifer Manocherian, author of the book Alpha Bette.  Alpha Bette is Jennifer’s first novel. She put much of her personal and professional life experience into writing it, having been a family therapist, divorce mediator, Broadway and Off-Broadway producer, musical book writer, screenwriter & producer, and screenwriting teacher. She co-wrote and produced the films Family Blues and Boundary Waters (in production) as well as wrote the book of two musicals that are streaming online: Marry Harry, a full-length musical, and Cockroaches & Cologne, a short musical. She is a proud board member of New York Stage and Film, The Peace Studio, and 18by Vote. She is married with five children and many grandchildren—great source material!
In my book review, I stated Alpha Bette is a contemporary fiction told from the viewpoint of several characters who revolve around the matriarch Bette Gartner. At ninety-five, Bette has lost her husband, most of her friends, and even her granddaughter. She has to rely on help from her housekeeper and night nurse after a fall that left her reliant on her wheelchair.
One morning, after what she is sure is a sign from her dead husband, Bette orchestrates a dinner party. The entire story takes place in one day giving readers a glimpse into the past and present of Bette and those around her: housekeeper, aide, two neighbors, daughter and son-in-law, great-granddaughter, and what Bette hopes to be her eventual great-grandson-in-law. Throw in a cremated parrot, political prisoners, a spoiled puppy, a cancer scare, and a medium who Bette believes can speak to her husband, George, and you have a dinner party you'll never forget.
This book reminds me a bit of My Grandmother Told Me To Tell You She's Sorry by Fredrik Backman and The Authenticity Project by Clare Pooley. I think it is because we get into the heads of so many characters and see how they touch one another's lives.
​Jennifer states that people either love or hate the ending. I'm in the love category, but that may be because I saw it coming! This is another must-read.
You can follow Author Jennifer Manocherian:
FB: @ jmanocherian
IG: @jennifermanocherian
LinkedIn: @jennifer-manocherian-2421855
Teri M Brown, Author and Podcast Host: https://www.terimbrown.comFB: @TeriMBrownAuthor
IG: @terimbrown_author
X: @terimbrown1
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Thursday May 16, 2024

My guests today on the Online for Authors podcast are the editors of Feisty Deeds: Historical Fictions of Daring Women with a forward by Aimie K Runyan.
The stories in Feisty Women span six centuries. Within these stories, you’ll find that even when time periods and geographical locations vary greatly, women’s struggles as they confront adversity are often remarkably universal. The twenty-three stories in this collection follow ordinary women from the 1470s to the 1960s as they rise to meet life’s challenges.
Foreign invasions, the outbreak of war, rigid domestic authority, strictures of society and religion, the supernatural, love and family bonds all serve as catalysts for the feisty deeds of the women in these tales.
Aimie K. Runyan is the internationally bestselling author of The School for German Brides, A Bakery in Paris, and Mademoiselle Eiffel. She writes to celebrate unsung heroines. She has written eight historical novels and is delving into the exciting world of contemporary women's fiction. She has been a finalist for the Colorado Book Award five times, a nominee for the Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers' 'Writer of the Year, ' and a Historical Novel Society's Editors' Choice selection. Aimie is active as a speaker and educator in the writing community in Colorado and beyond. She lives in the beautiful Rocky Mountains with her wonderful husband, two (usually) adorable children, two (always) sweet cats, and a pet dragon.
IG: @bookishaimie
FB: @aimiekrunyan
X: @aimiekrunyan
After a career as a university professor teaching and publishing in philosophy, Carolyn Korsmeyer turned her hand to fiction. She has published two novels, one historical – Charolotte’s Story, one a mystery – Little Follies: A Mystery at the Millennium. Her third novel, Riddle of Spirit and Bone, will be released in February 2025.
FB: @carolyn.korsmeyer
IG: @carolyn.korsmeyer
LinkedIn: carolyn-korsmeyer
Christy Matheson writes romantic Regency fiction about friends, family, and finding one's place in an ever-changing world. Her debut novel was a finalist for the 2023 WFWA Rising Star Award, and is currently on submission, represented by Kristina Sutton Lennon. She is an award-winning spoken word poet. Christy is also an embroidery artist, classically trained pianist, and sews all of her own clothes. She lives in Oregon, on a country property that fondly reminds her of a Regency estate (except with a swing set instead of faux Greek ruins), with her five children, two Shelties, a bunny, and an improbable amount of art supplies.
FB: @ Christy Matheson, Author
IG: @christy_matheson_author
X: @CMathesonAuthor
Elaine Schroller reads and writes historical fiction to escape writing about computer software and to travel to other places in time. Her degree is in History, which gave her the perfect training for researching specific places and events in DARE NOT TELL and THE BRAVEST SOLDIER. She’s traveled to all but one of the countries in the books and visited all the sites where the story takes place, some more than once.
She was an oil brat, and attended high schools in Algiers, Algeria, Northwood, England, Clear Lake City, Texas, Beirut, Lebanon, and Kingston-upon-Thames, England. For many years, she’s lived in Bellaire, Texas. She and her husband raised their son there. Now they have a rescue cocker spaniel underfoot and travel as often as they can convince their son to look after the dog for them.
Elaine is a member of the Historical Novel Society and the Women's Fiction Writers Association.
IG: @elaineschroller
FB: @elaine.aucoin.schroller
After selling her European fashion specialty store in 2016, Kay Smith-Blum began writing the
novel she had been percolating on for two decades. Three manuscripts later, Smith-Blum’s debut
novel, Tangles, depicts the human costs of the nuclear age and the dangerous legacy it leaves for
future generations. “The Calf” is a companion piece, and the first in a series of short works and
essays that will accompany the release of Smith-Blum’s novel in November 2024. Winner of the
2023 Black Fox Lit short story contest, Smith-Blum has been published in multiple literary
IG: @discerningKSB
FB:  @kay.smithblum
LinkedIn: kay-smith-blum-3877273
X: @kaysmithblum
Kimberly Sullivan writes the women’s fiction stories she loves to read, both contemporary and historic tales of women and the rich lives they lead along their journeys of self-discovery. She is an award-winning author of four novels and one short story collection - . Three Coins, Dark Blue Waves, In The Shadow of The Apennines, Drink Wine and Be Beautiful: Short Stories, and Rome's Last Noble Palace. Her new novel, EASTER AT THE THREE COINS INN, will be published in the autumn. A lifetime admirer and longtime resident of Italy, Kimberly is often guilty of sneaking the bel paese into her stories.
IG: @kimberlyinrome
Goodreads: Kimberly Sullivan
BookBub: Kimberly Sullivan Books
Teri M Brown, Author and Podcast Host:
FB: @TeriMBrownAuthor
IG: @terimbrown_author
X: @terimbrown1
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Tuesday May 14, 2024

My guest today on the Online for Authors podcast is Laury A Egan, author of the book The Psychologist’s Shadow.  Laury is the author of thirteen novels and four limited edition poetry volumes. Eighty-five of her stories and poems have appeared in literary journals and anthologies. She is a reviewer for The New York Journal of Books, a fine arts photographer, and a graduate of Carnegie Mellon University. She lives on the northern coast of New Jersey.
In my book review, I stated The Psychologist's Shadow is a psychological thriller that had me hooked from the first chapter. Ellen Haskell is a psychologist who recently moved her practice to remove herself from a bad situation. Somehow, it seems that 'bad situations' follow Ellen, and she soon finds herself in the middle of an obsession.
Laury does a wonderful job casting light on several patients and even a family member who could be behind the phone calls, notes, and trinkets. I didn't figure out the stalker. I had ruled out some because they seem too obvious and others because of specific things that happened during the action. I actually thought it was one of the patients that I didn't want it to be! I even suspected patients ruled out by Ellen figuring she was missing something. Finally, I suspected a past boyfriend. Although I hadn't ruled out the real stalker, I certainly wouldn't have bet my life on it!
​Laury did a great job keeping the reader guessing. Although I tend to shy away from thrillers because they often get too graphic, Laury provided all the suspense necessary without adding gratuitous violence. This is a must-read!
You can follow Author Laury A Egan:
FB: @laury.egan
IG: @laurya.egan
X: @EganLaury
LinkedIn: @laury-a-egan-09096b3/
Teri M Brown, Author and Podcast Host: https://www.terimbrown.comFB: @TeriMBrownAuthor
IG: @terimbrown_author
X: @terimbrown1
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