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The Enchanted Worlds of a Fantasy Wordsmith with Author Krystal Clark

My guest today on the Online for Authors podcast is Krystal Clark, author of the book Balance of Power, the first in the Chozien Path Series.  Krystal, a budding fantasy author, discovered the enchanting world of writing as a refuge for emotional expression during her childhood. What started as a solace soon bloomed into a passion for poetry, breathing life into her journey of public speaking. While many view Fantasy as an escape, Krystal found it to be a world that coexisted within her own reality, shaping her perception of storytelling.

As time unfolded, the fantasy genre lost its allure, becoming mundane and repetitive for Krystal, prompting her to cease reading altogether. Determined to redefine the essence of Fantasy, she decided to embark on her own literary quest, focusing not on fantastical worlds but on the characters within them – characters as human and complex as ourselves.

Life's demands took center stage as Krystal navigated through college, financial responsibilities, marriage, and the joys of motherhood. Her career in Data Management soared as she became a top-performing executive, yet the longing to be an author lingered in the depths of her being. Despite the demands, she put her writing on pause.

It was her husband's encouragement that reignited the spark within Krystal, propelling her to pick up her pen once more. With his unwavering support, she completed her first fantasy novel, a testament to her resilience and unwavering dedication to her dream. The journey from initiation to completion was marked by gratitude for the experiences that shaped her – from childhood through adolescence, young adulthood, motherhood, marriage, and career trials.

Krystal acknowledges that without this rich tapestry of life, her fantasy novel would not have achieved the success it enjoys. The good and the bad, the trials and triumphs – all have not only provided inspiration for her writing but have also deepened her understanding of "Moving With Meaning." As a budding fantasy author, Krystal B. Clark invites readers into a world where characters mirror the complexities of humanity, creating stories that resonate with the essence of life itself."

In my book review, I stated that although not typically a fantasy reader, I do enjoy a well-written fantasy with strong characters – and Krystal provides just that.

In Balance of Power, we see different orders looking for The Chozien, the one the Great Spirit has sent to rule the earth. We follow the Chozien from infancy through early adulthood as he trains and learns and begins to accept his role. But not everyone is happy and there are some who wish to steal The Chozien for their own order - because the order with the boy has immense power over the future.

​I enjoyed the characters, and the world, though different from my own, had enough similarities that I didn't get bogged down. The only thing I didn't like was the cliffhanger at the end. Of course, Krystal has ensured that I will read the next installment!

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